Website Performance




The number of visitors to our website is recorded through the use of Google Analytics.



Site uptime


The availability and response time of our website is monitored by Siteconfidence.



We try to ensure that our website is always available. However, there may be times when maintenance is required or we have technical problems. If we know in advance that there are periods when our service is likely to be interrupted then we will try to publish details of this.


We have set our Internet service standard at 98% availability. If the long term availability (excluding periods when there is planned maintenance) drops below 98% we will take this as an indication that there is a problem with our Internet service which needs to be fixed.


This commitment relates to those parts of our website that we control. Some parts of the site e.g., online payments and job vacancies are provided for us by a third party so we are unable to guarantee their performance.


Should you have difficulties using our systems or find that they are unavailable please email customer.services@southlakeland.gov.uk.