Volunteers to offer flood support to residents

flood advice

8 April 2016

Residents in two of the areas of Kendal hardest hit by December’s floods are being advised about a ‘Rebuilding Our Communities’ day on Saturday, 23 April.

Teams of volunteers and advisors will be knocking on doors at properties in the Mintsfeet and Far Cross areas of Kendal on 23 April to offer help and practical advice with various aspects of flood recovery.

The teams will be making two rounds of visits, between 10am and 12 noon and then again between 2pm and 4pm, and organisers are encouraging residents who would like to speak to the volunteers to ensure they are around at their properties for at least an hour between those times.

The support day has been organised through the South Lakeland Community Flood Recovery group, which is part of a co-ordinated response to the flood recovery work in the district and includes representatives from Cumbria County and South Lakeland District Councils, the Environment Agency, local and national charities and representatives from the business community.

The volunteers on 23 April will be drawn from members of the recovery group and local community workers and they are aiming to help residents to access the support they need.

Community worker and South Lakeland Community Flood Recovery group member Rev Jonny Gios explained: “First and foremost we will be there to offer a listening ear and to try to offer practical advice and support.

“We are able to offer support about what grants and financial help they can get, from the £5,000 resilience grants to help to protect their homes to the grants available through the Cumbria Community Foundation, but also to see if they have other needs that need addressing as a result of the flooding.

“There is lots of help available to people affected by the flooding but we know that not everyone has been able to access all the support or knows what help is out there.

“Hopefully by going out into these communities and knocking on doors we can identify any issues people have and help them to get back on their feet quicker.

“We know that many people are still in temporary accommodation while their homes are being repaired, but we would ask residents who would like to speak to us to try to be at their properties on Saturday, 23 April, so we can catch them in and would ideally need around an hour to chat to them.

“We will be making two rounds of visits, between 10am and 12 noon and 2pm and 4pm, to try to speak to as many people as possible in Mintsfeet and Far Cross.’’