River gravel removal to reduce flood risk

Environment agency logo
15 July 2016

Motorists are being warned about an Environment Agency (EA) operation to remove gravel from the River Kent in Kendal as part of flood alleviation work.

The EA has confirmed its contractors intend to move in next Monday, 18 July, to clear gravel from the river bed alongside Miller Bridge, just off New Road in Kendal, to reduce flood risk.

The contractors will be accessing the river via the slipway off New Road, and as such it will be necessary to fence off an area of the common land at New Road either side of the slipway to allow the machinery to move to and from the river.

The EA say it has also agreed a traffic management plan to close the left-hand filter lane along New Road for between two and four weeks while the work is ongoing, to ensure public and driver safety while wagons reverse onto the slipway and excavators load the wagons at the base of the slipway.


For more information, please contact the SLDC Communications Team on 01539 793300.