New safer walkway created at Kendal car park

Shopping centre walkway
The new temporary walkway in the Westmorland Shopping Centre car park, Kendal

5 April 2016

Drivers and pedestrians are being advised about some temporary new measures at a Kendal car park.

A new walkway has been created on Level 3 at the Westmorland Shopping Centre multi-storey car park in Kendal, which is operated by South Lakeland District Council (SLDC), to make it easier and safer for pedestrians to cross from the stairs into the shopping centre.

Barriers have been erected to create the walkway, but that means cars can no longer use the Level 3 exit.

Car drivers are now being diverted to use the exit on Level 4 of the car park.

The new walkway measures have been installed for a temporary trial period of three months.

Following the trial period the temporary walkway will be re-assessed before any decision is made whether to make the layout permanent.

The council is interested to hear people’s views on the new walkway and would welcome feedback on the trial. To have your say, email comments to: parking.feedback@southlakeland.gov.uk