Council fast facts

About us

We were formed in 1974 and are one of six district authorities in Cumbria, the others are:


Your councillors and the make-up of your council.

How we operate

In 2002, following the Local Government Act 2000, the council adopted a Leader and Cabinet style decision making structure. The rules governing the way the council operates are set down in the Constitution.

All councillors meet together at full council meetings. Here, councillors decide the overall policies, set the budget each year and hold the cabinet and all committees to account.

The Cabinet is made up of seven Liberal Democrat councillors who are responsible for implementing policies and decisions. The portfolios of the cabinet members are:


As of May 2013, the council runs a 'commissioning model' of overview and scrutiny, with one main Overview and Scrutiny Committee made up of twelve councillors, and a Performance Sub-Committee which has a membership of six. Both committees meet quarterly and there is an additional meeting of the main committee in January of each year to consider the draft Council Budget

You can view more details on the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.

A number of other committees deal with specific areas of council business. These include: Planning, Licensing, Accounts, Audit, Human Resources, Lake Admin and Standards. 



Political group leaders are:

  1. Liberal Democrat:  Councillor Peter Thornton  
  2. Conservative: Councillor David Williams
  3. Labour: Councillor Mark Wilson

Chief Executive: Lawrence Conway.

You can view the management structure of South Lakeland District Council.

Our vision and priorities

We agreed the new Council Plan for 2014 to 2019 on 25 February 2014, the new plan will help us become a fairer and greener council ensuring that South Lakeland is the best place to live, work and explore. 

The Council Plan for 2014 to 2019 sets out our priorities.

Our values are:

  • Valuing people
  • Excellence
  • Openness 

Contact us

  • Phone 01539 7333 33