Council supports gully cleaning blitz

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13 December 2016 

We are supporting a blitz on blocked drains in the district.

Cumbria County Council is undertaking a special one-off programme of gully clearing to ensure the county’s streets are able to drain as quickly as possible in the event of heavy rain.

The blitz of over 12,000 drains and gullies is in addition to the county council’s standard annual gully clearing programme and is underway now that most trees have dropped their leaves.

In South Lakeland some 5,649 gullies are being cleared between now and mid-January.

The county council has already appealed to residents to assist the crews by ensuring vehicles are not blocking access to gullies on the days they are in their area.

In some areas where the gully clearing has already started, including in parts of Kendal, the crews have found vehicles have still been parked close to the gullies and they’ve been unable to clear the drains.

Our staff are now supporting the process by starting to leaflet streets where the gully clearing is scheduled to take place, asking residents to try to avoid parking cars close to the gullies so the county council contractor can clear them more easily.

This will include returning to some of the areas unsuccessfully visited by the gully cleaners to try again after the streets have been leafleted.

Our street sweepers will also go along the road just ahead of the gully clearing unit to ensure it is clear of any debris or fallen leaves.

The county council has worked with local Flood Action Groups to identify where blocked gullies have previously caused problems.

If members of the public are aware of blocked gullies requiring urgent action they can still contact the county council’s Highways Hotline.

A spokesman for us said: “We are aware the issue of blocked drains has been a cause for concern for a number of people in South Lakeland.

“We are supporting Cumbria County Council’s work to clear drains and gullies by informing residents about the schedule for this intensive programme, asking them to keep the area free of vehicles and making sure any debris is swept before the clearing work begins.

“We are co-ordinating with our county council colleagues to help tackle the issues that matter to our residents.’’