Council issue winter advice to residents with private water supplies

Inside tap
28 September 2016

As the winter months approach South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) are urging residents to follow a few simple measures in order to protect their private water supplies.

Officers from the council’s Environmental Protection team have issued advice on how to insulate and maintain a safe private water supply, with temperatures set to drop.

The key points highlighted are:

  • Check that spring boxes, collection chambers and storage tanks are in good condition and ensure lids are watertight
  • Insulate or bury any exposed water pipes to reduce the risk of them freezing
  • Have an emergency supply of bottled water in case the supply freezes
  • Treatment systems should be frost protected, for example, a frost heater close to UV units.

SLDC’s Principal Environmental Protection Officer, Sean Hall, said: “A little time spent checking your water supply now and making sure that everything is working as it should be can really pay dividends during the winter months, especially if temperatures fall below freezing.

“Having a good knowledge of your supply, and what to do should a problem occur, is key to keeping your drinking water safe.”

If you suspect something is wrong with your supply, or you would like to request a sample to be taken and analysed, you can contact SLDC’s Environmental Protection team on 01539 733333 or via email: publicprotection@southlakeland.gov.uk


For more information, please contact the SLDC Communications team on 01539 793300.