Council advise residents to be safe and considerate on Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night
26 October 2016

As Bonfire Night approaches South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) are urging residents to stay safe and to be mindful of their neighbours.

Officers from the public protection team have issued guidance to ensure firework displays and bonfires are carried out safely across the district.

The advice covers a variety of measures, and includes:

  • Checking the fireworks you purchase, making sure they conform to British Standards and are marked BS 7114
  • Only let fireworks off in an open garden area
  • Following the display ensure that all of the remains are cleared up safely
  • Don’t light a bonfire or set off fireworks in unsuitable conditions, for example, when there are strong winds
  • Ensure your bonfire includes clean wood and garden waste only. Other materials are not permitted and burning domestic waste can lead to a fine or prosecution
  • Always call 999 if you think a fire is dangerous

SLDC’s Principal Environmental Protection Officer, Sean Hall, said: “We want all our residents and visitors who celebrate Bonfire Night to have fun, but most importantly be safe.

“We would encourage people to attend a properly organised display where they are able to do so.”

The council also stressed that there is an 11pm curfew on fireworks, however, on November 5 this is extended until midnight.

Mr Hall added: “Smoke and noise from Bonfire Night celebrations can affect those living nearby.

“Prior to lighting a bonfire or firework make sure you are not going to cause any problems with your neighbours.”

The police enforce these regulations and there is a penalty of up to £5000 or six months in prison for breach of curfew.

In addition, SLDC’s public protection team will investigate complaints of noise if a venue or location has prolonged displays and if any resident is being disturbed by smoke from bonfires on a regular basis.

Further safety advice on bonfires and firework displays is also available.