Christmas waste and recycling collections 

Recycling vehicle
One of our recycling collection vehicles
12 December 2016

Residents are being reminded about changes to waste and recycling collections over the Christmas and New Year period.

Collection calendars sent out to every household already indicate these festive season date changes and people are being urged to check their calendars to make sure they know when to put out their bins and boxes.

The calendars are also available on our website by inputting a postcode.

For the week commencing 19 December all collection dates will be as normal.

However, from the week commencing Monday, 26 December, collections will be changed, with some collections being made earlier than usual.

If your collection day is usually a Monday, instead of being picked up on 26 December your collection will be made two days early on Saturday, 24 December.

If your normal collection day is a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday then in the week commencing 26 December your collection will be a day later – ie Tuesday, 27 December collection will be made on Wednesday, 28 December.

From the week commencing Monday, 2 January, all collections will be one day later than usual.

Real Christmas trees can be recycled using the green garden waste bin, or can be taken to one of the waste and recycling centres, at Rothay Holme, Ambleside; Guides Lot, Grange; Canal Head, Kendal or Morecambe Road, Ulverston.

Residents are also reminded that old Christmas cards can be recycled using the recycling box for paper, and in areas that are now on cardboard kerbside recycling then card packaging from Christmas presents can be placed in the same box.

The kerbside cardboard collection is only designed for ‘household’ card recycling – such as food packaging – and items that will fit in the blue box. Large cardboard boxes should still be taken to one of the local waste and recycling centres or ‘bring site’ recycling banks.

A spokesman said: “We’re urging people to double-check they know when their collections are over Christmas.

“It’s always a busy time for everyone and it’s the sort of thing that can get easily forgotten.

“But it’s also one of the times of year that people need their waste and recycling being collected more than ever because the bins, boxes and bags tend to fill up much faster.

“Our crews work hard during this period – they will be making collections from an average of 100 properties an hour –  and inevitably there will be a lot of extra recycling, especially cardboard from all the Christmas packaging.

“We are keen to see as much of it recycled as possible but our wagons simply don’t have the capacity to take the sort of extra tonnages that are generated after Christmas.

“We’d ask that any larger boxes you may have that won’t easily fit in your blue box should be taken down to the waste and recycling centres or the ‘bring site’ recycling banks, which will be emptied every working day over Christmas.

“Our crews will ordinarily try to take as much recycling as they can from the kerbside and will try to accommodate a bit of extra if it is left out, but after Christmas that extra can soon add up, particularly with the amount of cardboard.

"We're sure people will appreciate that if the wagon reaches capacity it may not be able to complete the round - so someone may not get a collection at all if our crews start picking up all the extra cardboard earlier in the round."