Burneside Parish Council issue 'call for sites'

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23 December 2016

A South Lakeland community are urging residents to suggest potential development sites in Burneside.

The ‘call for sites’ will help form Burneside’s Neighbourhood Plan, which is being led by Burneside Parish Council and a community steering group.

A potential site can be any piece of land deemed suitable for development, for example, housing, commercial or recreational use.

Residents do not have to live or own land within Burneside to suggest an area they think is appropriate for development.

Suggestions should include the site’s location and, if possible, show the site on a map. Also, state the type of development you think the land should be appropriate for and mention any reasons why you have recommended the site.

All sites suggested will be assessed objectively and could potentially be included in Burneside’s Neighbourhood Plan, which will be prepared during 2017.

Burneside’s Neighbourhood Plan could establish general planning policies for the development and use of land in the area, such as the location and appearance of new buildings and identify sites for new development.

Once adopted the Neighbourhood Plan would become part of the development plan for the district outside the national parks and would be a key document that has to be taken into account when determining any planning applications.

Currently South Lakeland has five designated Neighbourhood Areas, with only Coniston having an adopted Neighbourhood Plan following a referendum in January 2016.

In addition, Heversham and Hincaster have recently had their Neighbourhood Plan approved by an independent examiner and are proceeding to a Neighbourhood Planning referendum in February 2017.

Councillor Jonathan Brook, our portfolio holder for housing and innovation, said: “Neighbourhood Plans are all about giving local communities greater control over what happens in their area, so they can have a real say and determine real policies that carry weight in the planning and development process.”

Any sites people wish to be considered for inclusion in Burneside’s Neighbourhood Plan should be submitted by 31 January 2017.

To suggest sites for development, email Burneside’s parish clerk at kevetherev7@hotmail.com or visit Burneside's Neighbourhood Plan website.

For questions or queries about this process email burneside@hotmail.com or visit