Adverse weather - possible impact on collections

Recycling collection vehicle

17 November 2016

Forecast adverse weather over the next couple of days (Thursday/Friday/Saturday, 17-19 November 2016) could lead to impacts on waste and recycling collections.

The forecast is for gusty wind, rain and possibly snow.

There is also the likelihood of slushy or icy conditions, particular on Friday morning.

We are advising residents to put out their bins, boxes and bags as normal, however there may be some disruption to the collection service if the weather is poor.

We are also suggesting residents try to collect any bins, boxes and bags as soon as possible after emptying over the next couple of days to avoid them being blown about.

Also, when leaving out containers, particularly recycling boxes and bags, it is always a good idea to place a brick, or similar, on the recycling box to help keep it in place, and use the Velcro strips on the lid of the bag to keep the contents secure.

The straps can also be used to hang the blue bag on a gate or fence post, or some residents wedge the bag between their recycling boxes if windy weather is forecast to ensure it doesn't blow away.

Our crews are also briefed to try to ensure that, where a resident has used a weight on their boxes, that this is replaced on or in the box once it has been emptied and that wherever possible empty blue bags are placed inside blue boxes or even hung back on gateposts to avoid empty containers blowing away.