Policies and plans directory

Our policies, strategies, plans and other important documents are listed below.

Warning: Some are large files and may take a long time to download.
TitlePartnership documentPublished date
Compliments, comments and complaints policyNo15 December 2016
Active Travel Position StatementNo01 August 2016
Community Safety Partnership PlanYes26 May 2016
Equality Scheme 2016 to 2019No01 April 2016
Council PlanNo01 April 2016
Performance Management FrameworkNo01 April 2016
Risk Management FrameworkNo31 March 2016
Statement of Community InvolvementNo31 March 2016
Pay Policy Statement No31 March 2016
Medium Term Financial PlanNo30 September 2015
Workforce Development PlanNo01 March 2015
Capital StrategyNo31 July 2014
Efficiency and Value for Money StrategyNo31 July 2014
Public Health and Wellbeing Strategy 2014-2019No28 July 2014
Economic Growth StrategyNo01 March 2014
South Lakeland Local PlanNo01 December 2013
Conservation Policy and GuidanceNo31 August 2013
Web Accessibility StatementNo31 August 2013
Homelessness Strategy 2013-2018Yes05 August 2013
Whistleblowing PolicyNo01 July 2013
Homelessness Review 2013 Yes11 June 2013
Communications Strategy 2013No31 May 2013
Cumbria Sandbag PolicyYes31 May 2013
Affordable Housing Policy Summary 2013No01 April 2013
Policy on Discharging the Homelessness Duty into the Private Rented SectorNo01 April 2013
Local Development Scheme 2015 to 2021No26 March 2013
The Corporate Property StrategyNo20 March 2013
Sustainable Procurement & Commissioning Strategy 2013-2016 Action PlanNo31 January 2013
Sustainable Procurement & Commissioning Strategy 2013-2016No23 January 2013
Statement of Gambling Licensing PolicyYes03 January 2013